A Letter to Readers: Personal Updates and Advice Needed

Dear Readers,

My greatest ideas for this blog are usually born when I am on the train being squeezed like a pack of sardines or when I am strolling amicably towards my workplace or school, trying to pump myself up with Positive Thoughts that self-help books always mention are absolutely necessary for a great day ahead.

Or rather, I force myself to think the words of Positive Thoughts. Maybe something along the lines of ‘You are intelligent and beautiful’ or ‘Live like there is no tomorrow’. Somehow when each word is strung into a sentence, the individual parts seem to be worth more than the sum of its parts.

Its just words, I think to myself.

I think it, but I get bored of trying to repeat it ten times in a row in my head. My brain immediately leaps to other points of interest.

Ideas for my blog.

From what I remember, they include new segments. Segments like a Truth or Truth section, where I think of a random question, anime/manga-related or blogging-principle-related, and ask readers like you what you think. A Personal Life section, where I talk about personal life. Or a section dedicated to random topic where I write about snippets of my beliefs and values (which can be a little unconventional) and ask you to share (lamely named, due to a lack of creative juices, Random Topics”. Examples of topics include Marriage (I actually have a draft post on this which I am deciding about whether to continue), Introversion (or Extroversion), Procrastination. Also, my reigning style of blogging – whether I should blog snarkily or enthusiastically.

So I decide why don’t I heck all that planning and just write whatever and however I feel like writing. Which is what I am doing now, precisely. And now you are probably wondering what the heck is this post all about. Before I lose all potential and existing viewership, let me dive into the essence of this post proper.

Firstly, a proper introduction is needed for the current new segments of my blog.

Recently, I have tried to re-organise my content a little better. If you are actually at my blog interface rather than on WordPress Reader, you may or may not have noticed that I have added new sub-categories to existing categories available in the drop-down menu at the top. I also decided it was nigh time that did some sort of ranking related post, so I have done two posts of my Top 25 Anime List , which is a start. I also added a new category named Musings of an Asian Girl in an Asian Society, which features a more argumentative style of writing on social issues which may be controversial, from my perspective, where its first post can be found here. I have also added a new Contact Me page (see above menu). Seeing that this is one of the first random posts I have written, I suppose this warrants a new category as well.

Secondly, some updates about my personal plus anime watching life.

I have been lurking around WordPress more for this past week and the weekend immediately preceding mainly because my boss at the place I am interning is on leave for the week and I have been hopping out of the office when the clock strikes six. I have been also prioritising WordPress over watching anything, which can seem a little strange. However, that lurking may or may not stop soon when my boss comes back and I end up having to bring work home and work till 1am, which has happened. Hence as of now, I am trying to churn out more posts, though I am aware my posting hasn’t substantially increased and this probably isn’t really counted (…)

As for watching anime, I have actually been watching some ongoing series but I have stopped at around episode 5 thereabouts. A brilliant idea that has struck me is to simply wait till all the episodes come out (nearly there at this point in time) and try to watch everything at one go so I don’t have such incomplete impressions which happened to me for the last season (RIP, review for Durarara x2 Shou). As of now, the series I am watching are strictly Owari no Seraph, Fate Stay Night UBW Second Season, Sidonia no Kishi Second Season, Plastic Memories, Arslan Senki, Kekkai Sensen, Shoukugeki no Souma and Uta no Prince Sama 3000%. I am also partly watching Parasyte and Mushishi , the latter which is approaching its one year mark soon since I started it.

I have also been watching Game of Thrones, and I have yet to watch the finale of season 5 so no spoilers please.

Thirdly and most importantly, I need ideas from you guys.

I am openly soliciting for concrete ideas for my Musings segment. I am aware some people have responded positively to it, and I am really keen on writing posts like that because I like using my brain and writing argumentatively. However, I can’t really decide on a topic, since the last one was inspired by another blogger’s post. (1) So, is there any controversial topic or any social issue that you would find interesting to be discussed thoroughly?

(2) Also, what do you think of those ideas I had about the new segments right at the top of this post? I am aware they have nothing much to do with anime or manga, but I also want to know how receptive you guys are to posts to do with bloggers themselves (me), or if you are mainly interested in anime and manga reviews, editorials and analysis. Of course, this is predominantly an anime/manga blog so all those posts will still be up and coming, but this is all part of an idea to diversify the type of content available here.

I would be very very much appreciative of you guys


Shiroyuni (:

35 thoughts on “A Letter to Readers: Personal Updates and Advice Needed

  1. Hey!!!

    I am reasonably confident that I will love absolutely everything or anything you choose to write about! I have to say I am quite intrigued by the idea of the musings and, as we speak often, I know you have many interesting views on things which challenge perceptions and have, in the past, led to some really interesting conversations. I think including a little more of yourself in the blog certainly won’t do any harm.

    Truth or Truth, Random Topics and Personal Life are all great category ideas.

    For the record, you are intelligent and beautiful!


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  2. Dear Shiroyuni,

    I think your picture there is cute.. hahaha! I actually appreciate your blog though I haven’t read all your reviews yet. I love your writing style and organizing of thoughts. I know you have a potentials to be a real writer just for you to know that.

    In writing anime blog, I really salute your very details opinions and thoughts about it. You really know what you write and even giving some points that I even overlook in watching anime. Bravo! I believe in your skills. I also like the fact that you like writing long. I chose wordpress because I alo like to write longer blogs as well. WordPress is the perfect blogsite for this..

    I’ll answer now your questions to your readers:

    1. Controversial Issue… Hmmm… I suggest you should start with simpler issue first..or simple argumentation.. like what’s better winter or summer? something like that? eventually, you can bring up social topics as well like… “Cosplay psychology or what” I think an issue should be related with anime too.. I think it’s better.. example : views about Hentai (that’s argumentative I guess)

    2. Musing of an Asian Girl is a good idea.. ;D I will look forward to that.. Hmm.. something about singapore also will do.. just want a bit of it.. hehe… 😀

    I am a supporter of your blog.. I’m glad to talk with you here in wordpress! 😀 more power in blogging! 😀

    Love Lots,

    Lovely ❤

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    • Dear Lovely,
      Thank you! The credit of the picture isn’t mine though, its found with the help of my trusty aide Google (: Thank you for letting me know you like my long posts, I was losing some confidence in that aspect since conventional blogging advice all say that short posts are better.
      Thanks for the suggestions on topics! Cosplay and hentai are quite good issues to explore, I think I can write something about it (: Glad you are interested in Musings, and I’ll certainly include more about Singapore now that I know at least you are interested in it (:
      Lastly thank you for such a long comment and compliments, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I am glad to have found you in wordpress too, and here’s to more blogging and conversations over here! 😀 ❤
      Shiroyuni (:

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  3. It feels like you should do with what you are comfortable with. You might have noticed but I do a lot of random posts. I have the Top Five ones that I do every other week, and several other ones I do from time to time.
    I do not mind it if you try to branch yourself away with a post here or there that does not deal with manga or anime, although I will say what I have noticed with mine, specifically the comic related ones, do not do as well as the ones that are. So, what I am trying to figure out is a way to connect the two.
    The different segments can be good since it can really bring out about differences of what you already do, especially if you stick to them. The above statement would change since they would be more common and more people would likely to stick around. It would be interesting to see what you do.
    Anyway, I guess, besides random posts that can be a little personal can always seem to work well, providing they are not too often I guess.
    I really wish I could be more help instead of just saying things that I do. But I would not mind seeing a random topic posts. Maybe ones that deal with films and there novel counterparts if that is possible or something like that or your thoughts on a specific concept that is either over used or not done enough (mostly referring to anime for this one).

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    • I have to say that your random posts form actually part of the motivation to do mine – I like reading yours a lot, so I figured that I could possibly do the same though I wasn’t sure of the reaction (: I am aware that because most of my/our followers and readers are of the aniblogging community, other types of posts won’t do as well, but I also hope that through this posts, I would be able to find people who are take an interest in these posts as well!
      Thank you for your advice though! Its great to know what you think, especially when you have a relatively larger following and you have of course been blogging a lot more. I am also currently trying to source for more anime/Japan/culture-related concepts that I can explore, I just haven’t gotten much of a good idea yet.
      Thank you so much for commenting and for your help, I really appreciate it!

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      • I think that would be interesting to see a more culture related posts in general for aniblogging. We are always so focused on anime we don’t really focus on the culture as a whole. I mean there are some series where I learned certain small pieces and learned more about the culture when it comes to certain things. I think it would be interesting to see you do a post on it.

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  4. Frankly, I greatly enjoy your style of writing, so I will probably like whatever you post. I also love reading as a whole, especially about other people’s life and opinions.
    I think that the Musings segment should tackle mainly the differences between western and eastern culture, but I would enjoy reading about anything, really.
    The most important thing, however, is that you enjoy writing these posts. Afterall, blogging should be fun and not be a chore.
    Good luck!

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    • Thank you so much! That is one of the greatest compliments that I can ever achieve (: Tackling differences between western and eastern culture is a really good start, I think I can start thinking of ideas along those lines.
      Thank you for commenting! 😀

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  5. Hello dear 🙂
    Sounds like you are busy be, I ended up questioning myself on this about what other stuff should I add to my blog, what new features will people like, what should I add? I was in the same pickle. From what I can see many people who follow you love what you write and so do I, you should just go with what you feel you want to add to your blog. I love your new segments ideas I think it will be exciting.

    The most important thing in blogging is to be believe in what you write and enjoy what you write. I have found my blogging style now and what content I love to write, so whatever you decide people will love it no doubt !!

    Hope this helps
    Love Lita xxxx

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    • Hello Lita!!
      Thank you for giving me the courage to write whatever I feel I want to write, I know that you have thought about this and I really see the success of your blog (: glad you found your style and for so much enjoyable content, and thank you for your help!!
      Love, Shiroyuni xxxxx

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  6. hmm musings, maybe you could like reflect about your otaku journey? like perhaps how Singaporeans (or your friends) view anime/manga. cause like my parents and relatives find it childish, typical adults may think it’s a form of escapism, and my friends think it’s just hentai HAHA or or idk about you but I watch anime on streaming sites, which is considered illegal? do you? if you do, maybe you could weigh the pros and cons haha these are just some random ideas lol hmm I guess there’s a lot of news happening around the world, so maybe you could see which one you feel inspired to write about? but either way, I think the best way is to see what topic you are most interested in writing about and just write it.

    ooohhh I actually enjoy the time during transportation to and fro school, because I can watch anime, or just think about ideas for blogging. omg can I just say how awesome Shoukugeki no Soma is, just saying!!! ((aside from the food ecchi that is)) WOAHH ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED OMG REALLY IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU I WISH YOU A BLISSFUL MARRIAGE ❤ introversion seems cool, like even though I know I am one, I rarely think about it. hahaha procrastination, well I think everyone should be able to relate to that 😉

    sry im prob only free today, so I shall spam your feed with notifications while I CAN MUAHAHA

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    • haha hmm yeah otakuism may be a good topic esp when there really is too much negativity associated with it in sg society. HAHA yeah i also stream it on sites as well, hmmm maybe for that ill need to do more research haha. I did think of current affairs but its sort of a dilemma lol cos if i write about sg, i am afraid ill accidentally write something too damning HAHA but if i write about other global/country’s affairs, i may not know enough to write well on it lol like maybe too ignorant, y’know what i mean? Hahaha yeahhh ikr the transportation part is actually the best, i’ve got so much things to do on my phone or just thinking 😀 and isn’t the food ecchi supposedly the best part of Shokugeki HAHA just joking xD LOLOLOL WHERE DID YOU READ THAT FROM i was just planning on doing a general topic discussion on that lmao tsk. xD Hahaha sometimes i think you sound so high and excited all the time that its hard to think you are an introvert hehe xP HAHA you sound like you are damn busy doing lots of volunteering (I bet!!) YES I SEE THE SPAM LOL

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        OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS I mean like idk about the other viewers, but I watch it mainly for the character development. LIKE MEGUMI IN THE RECENT EPISODES!!! SO MANY PLOT TWISTS in just one single event. It almost felt like KnB haha, stretching 5 minutes of basketball play into 2 episodes, filled with action and twists.


        you could call it split personality? but im much more open when I’m online. I know it sounds weird but when I’m with my friends, I tend to consider a lot of things. like if they’re busy, I wouldn’t share with them about my feelings of Myanmar trip, and i’ll just discuss abt their work and help them lighten it. if they don’t watch anime, that just cuts half of the possible topics we could talk about, which cuts half of my enthusiasm HAHA. if they are gamers, I wouldn’t speak to them about like meaningful activities, which may make them feel guilty about their lifestyles hahaha I guess I’m weird like that? so im really reserved in real life, because I just don’t speak, like a mute. and I just have so much fun talking to you and oth bloggers online idk I feel genuinely happy haha


        Hahaha damn, i admit i haven’t been too much caught up on Shoukugeki to really know what you are talking about, i am still on ep 5 HAHA but maybe i’ll change my mind pretty soon xD

        Haha no i don’t think its a split personality either, i am like that as well – more open online, more reserved in real life cos i also self-limit the stuff i talk to people about depending on the person. HAHA almost all of my real life friends don’t watch anime, so topics i can talk about are really limited in that sense as well. NOPE NOT WEIRD KAY cos if you are then i think as well o.o but seriously i think its pretty common among introverts!! I don’t speak much too, especially in a group and everybody just talks over each other and i am rather soft spoken so i just listen in the end. Sometimes i behave very mute-like too LOL.

        hahaha i really feel the same, i have a lot of fun talking to you and the others in this community which is partly the reason i am on here almost all the time LOL. it may be considered weird by those esp in sg society (cos seriously haven’t heard of anybody else who does these things) but i still spend a lot time here anyway 😀


      • YESS OMG SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME ITS SO NICE TO HAVE A HEART TO HEART TALK WITH A FELLOW INTROVERT! its like even though im with my close friends, I don’t like pat my hand on their back ((which miharusshi finds weird bc they do it in her society HAHA)), I don’t find myself like having much to comment about too. Unless its like funny events that happened, I become quite apathetic haha ((of course I don’t express my lack of interest othwise I would dieeee)) btw, are you in the ani-twitter community? I’m not in it but I always see ppl talking to each other and I REALLY WANT TO JOIN THEM but no time… T>T


      • HAHA YES yeahh most of my friends i swear don’t like people touching them even if its just say pat on the back. LOL actually most of the time i am just thinking of how to respond or comment cos like i am not really interested in the topic but i can’t just like, not comment right?? HAHA yeah i don’t express my lack of interest too lolol i think we are both very closet people haha, hiding our real thoghts haha. YEAH OMG i reallyyyy did think of jumping into the ani-twitter community too but SERIOUSLY SAME PROBLEM NO TIME >.> I mean I already have wordpress, MAL (which i also have gradually lesser time to use), studying/summer work, stuff-i-just-wanna-do-on-my-own, Facebook etc. really no time for any other online account lmao. is it because singaporeans live a fast-paced lifestyle or something i swear we are perpetually busy people lol (though i spend alot of time here but that is never an indicator of how free i am haha!)

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      • YES IKR SINGAPORE LIFE IS SO BUSY >< idk about work, but for school, I freaking end sch at like 4-5 everyday and there's still homework and CCA. I guess it's quite baseless of me to say this, but I think people of other countries have a lot less mandatory things to do? Like the only way out is to prioritise and drop some commitments, but I want to do everything like blog, volunteering and gaming too 😦 and I cant neglect my family too… there was a period of time when I just ignored my entire family and it didn't turn out well. don't think work's gonna be any better in the future too lol


      • hahahaha work is as bad as school if not worse cos its not exactly as enjoyable as being together with friends lol. I actually have the same impression as you about other countries, we have so much to do mainly because a lot of things are compulsory. idk but are we the only place where cca is needed, plus you need extra stuff like leadership, CIP etc. on your portfolio to stand out and compete? Yeah I also want to do everything, if i ever blog about my to-do list, its damn freaking long. Yeah plus family isn’t something like a ‘commitment’, you can’t just prioritise it lower because its important on its own /sighhhhh. Think our country has one of the most stressful ways of life haha

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      • Yeah yknow how there are like clubs always shown in anime schools? Indeed its smth like CCA, but it seems so much more free and bonded? Like in the past when I was in scouts, it was a lot like a ‘commitment’, having to do proposals, prepare logistics, etc. It was more of a chore than a club haha i guess sg is indeed very stressful sigh as well haha shoganai xD


      • hahaha yeah ikr clubs in anime always seem more fun to be in, that i can’t even compare our RL club/cca experience. Yeah its a damn lot of work, not to mention there’s actually a lot of politics involved, at least from my experience. It destroys a lot of friendships or good feelings actually >< sometimes i think if i wasn't actually born here but instead in another country say australia or the UK… i'll probably do a lot better in comparison or just lead a more happy, carefree life haha!

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      • I totally forgot abt that… The leadership system is good for organisation and all, but all the roles and stuff make everyone so unequal… And when everyone has different roles, the club just feels so disjointed, not united.

        Hmm UK’s a good idea actually HAHA everything just seems so cool and attractive. I mean singapore has its awesome traits like safety and racial/religious harmony, but the education and work culture is too compact already. Sg feels too… overachieving. Want to win in economy, win in sports ((okay lah SEA games was rly epic)), win in education, idk. I dont want to win oth countries, i just want to win a nice relaxing life, able to pursue my dreams and hobbies HAHA

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      • Haha yeah they do unfortunately i mean the whole thing drags on pre-elections to post elections and its like the rift is never really…healed. And OMG wordpress somehow deleted the last part of my comment so i am just replying here HAHA.

        I won’t really say that I definitely want to migrate out of SG because as you said, SG has really good traits that make me stay and be proud to stay, but sometimes when competition gets overwhelming and suffocating its something i think of as well. YEAH I KNOW in other countries even in office jobs everybody knocks off on the dot, there’s a lower cost of living, education is not as stressful, there’s time to play etc. haha here is particularly sian sometimes especially for the higher up careers that everybody seems to be aiming for lol.

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      • Damn omg i hate when wordpress does that. I just accidentally clicked the back button on my phone, and my comment i was typing got deleted sian xD

        Wow that’s so dramatic HAHA sorry but it almost sounds like a rivalry scene from anime. For me, its mostly just ppl who didnt get ldrshp positions start to slack and ‘drift away’, then the ldrs tank everything haha it’s not as serious but its still problematic

        Yeahh i dont rly have any plans on migrating as well. I just like to complain about these -ve aspects and for the gov to do smth HAHA i mean i dont want to point fingers at the gov, but i dont think I personally can change anything haha. Yeahh and i think there’s rly high income tax somemore which makes it even worse, the ageing pop is rly not helping haha hope i dont sound too much of a douchebag

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      • Haha yeah, that’s why i try not to type wordpress replies on my phone even if i manage to see them cos there’s a really high chance of it being deleted xD hahaha yeah actually, it really is damn drama but unfortunately it happens. Yep what you said also happens as well, though to more instances – its always the reason why the cca can’t really revamp itself for the better or improve its performance.
        Hahaha its okay to complain i guess, i think we know the difference between being truly ungrateful and just wanting to destress and shoot our mouths off sometimes HAHA. Actually its possible if you go do policy making or get a govt scholarship so next time you work in a higher level there, but i guess you aren’t really interested. The tax situation isn’t as bad here as in other countries with a welfare system, and aging population is something that is also happening in other DCs as well. For me i think its more of probably overcrowding and omg really its just high cost of living like transport is damn ex, both private and public >.>

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      • BUT Im too lazy to turn on my computer…xD though wordpress on phone is quite laggy sometimes, they should rly improve it or smth

        Yeahh and then rumours will spread and ppl will shun others and then delinquents will start to appear and blow up the school oops what just happened. Haha erm so I guess that’s where teachers come in? Like i dont want teachers to intefere with our cca much, but i guess they’re better at managing these kind of stuff, like counselling the students xD

        Haha yeah i think complaining has +ve psychological benefits too HAHA makes you less depressed bc you dont keep all your struggles inside idk. I think its natural, we all have our dissatisfactions, even if we want another woman to be our mum, we wont tell our mom to get lost right okay sorry i just woke up so i might not be in the clearest state of mind go figure HAHA

        Interesting. I may not be very interested in being civil servant, but if many ppl raise their dissatisfaction towards the sg lifestyle, i might just change my mind HAHA but that’s still a long way to go.

        Lol taxis are damn ex i swear. I only take them in emergencies. For me i think it would definitely be ageing pop, bc its smth related to me. I have like 10 aunties + uncles and only like two of them have their own children so… Haha i think im quite screwed? But i mean i’ll see how lah at most i’ll change my career plans and get a high pay job that everyone is trying to compete for too. Then another one would be just hygiene lor. Like overreliance on foreign workers and not doing our part idk it bugs me when i see litter it just feels so rural like we’re a modern society hello litter you dont belong here shoo go awayyyy

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      • Haha but don’t you like to use the computer?? My laptop is practically my life HAHA i think i spend all my waking hours on it ooooops but its cos i study on it too (crap i think i just admitted that i am a slave to technology)
        Haha i think the teachers can’t be bothered and technically students are supposed to learn how to handle everything in the process and be independent la!
        LOL your example is damn win (Y) but okay it probably is also cos you were just typing this when you woke up HAHA complaining is a form of offloading, but if you always complain to the same person that person will get sick of you hahaha (which sometimes happens to me LOL)
        Omg its more like you live in a high-dependency-ratio family. Yes you are screwed HAHA no doubt about that lemme just re-emphasise that point to you xP jk haha but no wonder… lol i am surprised you aren’t already forced or being told by your parents constantly that you have to aim high and earn lots of money haha. But you’d be surprised how much your career plans may change; i used to bum around not knowing what i was gonna do then suddenly at the stage of application of uni esp after getting my grades (which changes alot of ppl’s perspective including mine) suddenly everybody is applying for stuff they never ever considered doing xD
        Haha i think the cleaning aunties and uncles are probably still mostly singaporeans though from what i see (though there are PRC ppl as well) but yeah i get you lol litter is more of a product of bad social habits, selfishness, no love for the place you live in … i just feel very turned off precisely because it indicates ppl’s attitudes towards their own country.

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      • I FREAKING LOVE MY LAPTOP its just that it was really really far, like six steps away from me, and I just happened to be on my phone soooo yeah HAHAHA though i have to admit i do a lot of things on my laptop as well and it has like all my anime screencaps sooooo yeah XD no worries I’m a fellow slave as well ^^ all hail technology~

        HAHA well you can always find someone who complains back to you , that way neither of you would get tired of one another haha

        HAHAHAHA WOW THANKS MUCH LOVE TO YOU, hmm my parents always worry abt my health and sleep, but nvr once abt my studies HAHA but yeah even without them saying, i think i understand the gravity of my situation? I guess the only best solution for me is just to get good grades to apply for uni then, I’ll see how haha. At least there’s a lot of opportunities provided by my school to learn abt uni and career options.

        Yeahh take for example this year SG50, many ppl are prob gonna profess their love for Sg, but then if they dont pick up litter, then wouldnt it be very hypocritical lol idk haha maybe im just thinking too much

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      • LOL I CAN SEE why it can be a tremendous effort to take those six steps, your love for your laptop can’t be as much as you claim to be if you aren’t say, constantly on it in the first place xD nah actually it really isn’t good, sometimes i wonder about whether there are side effects … :S haha i use my laptop for everything sooooooo. damn its like all hail technology and strong wifi LOL
        hahaha yeah man, especially if both of you complain about the same stuff xD
        HAHA xP ehhh actually your parents are quite nice and good to you, no pressure given unlike alot of other typical parents in this society xD yeah you still have lots of time anyway to think about it.
        Nope actually i completely agree with you, i always find it ironic that the people who go ndp always sing songs and wave flags with all their heart (and you can tell when you watch them on tv lol) but yet leave so much trash behind…and on daily occasions as well. though some ppl actually blame foreigners for the litter, but from my observations its um certain groups of locals ahem

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