A Valentine’s Post: To All Singles and My Beloved Readers

Today is Valentine’s Day. Today is a day when half of us rejoice and half of us snuggle on the couch with a bag of chips, with our TV tuned in to Netflix or our computers set up to our trustiest online anime streaming channel.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Today is a day for pairs, not singles.

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A Letter to Readers: Personal Updates and Advice Needed

Dear Readers,

My greatest ideas for this blog are usually born when I am on the train being squeezed like a pack of sardines or when I am strolling amicably towards my workplace or school, trying to pump myself up with Positive Thoughts that self-help books always mention are absolutely necessary for a great day ahead.

Or rather, I force myself to think the words of Positive Thoughts. Maybe something along the lines of ‘You are intelligent and beautiful’ or ‘Live like there is no tomorrow’. Somehow when each word is strung into a sentence, the individual parts seem to be worth more than the sum of its parts.

Its just words, I think to myself.

I think it, but I get bored of trying to repeat it ten times in a row in my head. My brain immediately leaps to other points of interest.

Ideas for my blog.

From what I remember, they include new segments. Segments like a Truth or Truth section, where I think of a random question, anime/manga-related or blogging-principle-related, and ask readers like you what you think. A Personal Life section, where I talk about personal life. Or a section dedicated to random topic where I write about snippets of my beliefs and values (which can be a little unconventional) and ask you to share (lamely named, due to a lack of creative juices, Random Topics”. Examples of topics include Marriage (I actually have a draft post on this which I am deciding about whether to continue), Introversion (or Extroversion), Procrastination. Also, my reigning style of blogging – whether I should blog snarkily or enthusiastically.

So I decide why don’t I heck all that planning and just write whatever and however I feel like writing. Which is what I am doing now, precisely. And now you are probably wondering what the heck is this post all about. Before I lose all potential and existing viewership, let me dive into the essence of this post proper.

Firstly, a proper introduction is needed for the current new segments of my blog.

Recently, I have tried to re-organise my content a little better. If you are actually at my blog interface rather than on WordPress Reader, you may or may not have noticed that I have added new sub-categories to existing categories available in the drop-down menu at the top. I also decided it was nigh time that did some sort of ranking related post, so I have done two posts of my Top 25 Anime List , which is a start. I also added a new category named Musings of an Asian Girl in an Asian Society, which features a more argumentative style of writing on social issues which may be controversial, from my perspective, where its first post can be found here. I have also added a new Contact Me page (see above menu). Seeing that this is one of the first random posts I have written, I suppose this warrants a new category as well.

Secondly, some updates about my personal plus anime watching life.

I have been lurking around WordPress more for this past week and the weekend immediately preceding mainly because my boss at the place I am interning is on leave for the week and I have been hopping out of the office when the clock strikes six. I have been also prioritising WordPress over watching anything, which can seem a little strange. However, that lurking may or may not stop soon when my boss comes back and I end up having to bring work home and work till 1am, which has happened. Hence as of now, I am trying to churn out more posts, though I am aware my posting hasn’t substantially increased and this probably isn’t really counted (…)

As for watching anime, I have actually been watching some ongoing series but I have stopped at around episode 5 thereabouts. A brilliant idea that has struck me is to simply wait till all the episodes come out (nearly there at this point in time) and try to watch everything at one go so I don’t have such incomplete impressions which happened to me for the last season (RIP, review for Durarara x2 Shou). As of now, the series I am watching are strictly Owari no Seraph, Fate Stay Night UBW Second Season, Sidonia no Kishi Second Season, Plastic Memories, Arslan Senki, Kekkai Sensen, Shoukugeki no Souma and Uta no Prince Sama 3000%. I am also partly watching Parasyte and Mushishi , the latter which is approaching its one year mark soon since I started it.

I have also been watching Game of Thrones, and I have yet to watch the finale of season 5 so no spoilers please.

Thirdly and most importantly, I need ideas from you guys.

I am openly soliciting for concrete ideas for my Musings segment. I am aware some people have responded positively to it, and I am really keen on writing posts like that because I like using my brain and writing argumentatively. However, I can’t really decide on a topic, since the last one was inspired by another blogger’s post. (1) So, is there any controversial topic or any social issue that you would find interesting to be discussed thoroughly?

(2) Also, what do you think of those ideas I had about the new segments right at the top of this post? I am aware they have nothing much to do with anime or manga, but I also want to know how receptive you guys are to posts to do with bloggers themselves (me), or if you are mainly interested in anime and manga reviews, editorials and analysis. Of course, this is predominantly an anime/manga blog so all those posts will still be up and coming, but this is all part of an idea to diversify the type of content available here.

I would be very very much appreciative of you guys


Shiroyuni (: