Anime: My Beginning & My Present

Throughout the one year and close to three months of the blogging community, I have come to realise that I have never provided much context to my opinions on anime, and what anime means to me. I thought they were too unimportant and uninteresting.

That is, until I read numerous such posts from other bloggers, and I realised how my different my experience is with anime as compared to others. Most importantly, I realised that providing the context of my experience is to certain opinions I write is quite relevant, especially when my preferences may border on being ‘different’ from most of my counterparts.

I won’t proclaim to deliver the most entertaining of stories below, but I believe that there is something in this post that would be of interest to any reader.

How it all began

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Personal Update: When Feeling Uninspired

I realised I haven’t done an update for at least a year or so. At the very least, not in the form of this very casual, conversational-like tone which I am using right now. The past posts that are similar to this are either posts on self-reflection, or posts that generally aim to tell a narrative of sorts. Not this tone that some of you see glimpses of on Twitter (given that 140 characters do not give you much to work with from the start anyways.)

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Liebster Nominations by ignite18

Time to continue clearing my award debt! Actually, as some of you may have noticed, I have fallen into a lazy blogging spell, hence the lack of posts recently :p Its a result of being addicted to Chinese web novels for two weeks straight. To be honest, being addicted to a novel is somewhat worse than being addicted to an anime series for me, because when I start to read everything just flashes by and it gets too hard to stop. Whereas for anime, I know at least there’s an end to every episode, and when that time comes, I usually think more about whether to click on the next button.

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Liebster Nomination by TwiceAlive

I was nominated by TwiceAlive for the Liebster Award on 29 July 2015 in this post right here. Once again, I apologise for my lateness, but as you can see, I am trying to finally repay all of your kindness over the past year and continuing.

Liebster Award

And because its TwiceAlive, I expect to enter the realm of dreams, hopes and wildly imaginative questions with this post that require probably a lot of my creative juices. So here we go!

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Anime Moments In Real Life: A Personal Story (Part 1)

Beware. Long personal story ahead that is divided into three posts.

Everybody would most likely have experienced an anime moment play out in real life. It may be more common in those whose lives thus far have been filled with friendship drama, love triangle, or even if it’s just a simple romance. Anime and manga, mediums which encapsulate relatable moments, thought processes and emotions, sometimes aim to reflect the more realistic aspects of life, even if some of that is done in a comedic manner. However, in between realism and anime clichés that are unique to these Japanese forms of entertainment, most anime fans would have subconsciously gained enough knowledge to experience the eureka moment at least once, for example ‘ah, that was a classic high school romcom moment’, or ‘omg, that’s what always happens in shoujo’ as we go about our lives.

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Updates & Personal Reflections

To all the people here on the WordPress community, I sincerely apologise for not being on here for what it actually seems ages to me. (I am sure that to some on here, a few months of absence isn’t that long, but o’well) I have been living a relatively busy school-term semester, but I admit I wasn’t actually so busy as to completely have absolutely no time to blog about anything. I am still watching anime and manga and playing games as per normal, so I really can’t say that I don’t have free time at all.

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Announcement to Readers: New Blogging Schedule

Hello my fellow active readers/followers/deep-sea lurking readers! I have an announcement to make (yeah I know, its pretty rare) so keep your eyes peeled!

After much consideration, I have decided on a blogging schedule & angle that gives me enough flexibility to accommodate my busy periods and yet be able to provide long term readers with the requisite content.

I admit I haven’t been following any strict schedule so far but I reckoned that its time to be a little more responsible in my posting 🙂

So here goes nothing:

  1. I will be posting in two time slots: the Weekend Slot and the optional Weekday posts
  2. I will be writing at least one post related to anime per week, which I will post on weekends (i.e. the Weekend slot)
  3. This post can be anything from reviews, commentaries to anime/manga analysis, essays, top series etc. but it WILL be anime/manga-related.
  4. Meanwhile on weekdays, I may be tackling award nomination posts, non-anime related challenges, and personal and non anime/manga posts.
  5. However, there are times when I will post more than one anime/manga-related post per week
  6. If I happen to be extremely busy that week, I will at least put up an announcement on the Weekend Slot saying that I won’t be posting that week, and giving any form of update if I can.

*silently hopes she will be able to keep to this schedule*

TL;DR I will certainly post anime/manga related stuff on weekends, (or if not, at least an announcement of my non-posting) so do look out for that!

This week’s post was posted on Saturday, so indulge me by clicking on that link if you haven’t. <:

That’s all for today (wow shortest post ever!) and thanks for reading~