My List of Top Anime of All Time: #20 – #16

I am back for the next Top Anime post! Its always fun writing these posts because it helps me to do mini reviews for series I have watched some time ago. I can’t recall enough details to do full reviews of these series to my satisfaction, so I just settle with this and hopefully one day I’ll have the time to revisit them and write a post to do them justice. You can check out my last Top Anime post at My List of Top Anime of All Time: #25 – #21 if you haven’t!

Presenting ….

#20. Toradora!

Type: TV series

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Slice of Life

Episodic Count: 25

Year: 2008-09

More information at:!

I remember watching this as my first romcom experience, after almost a year of focusing on series with heavier, darker themes. I thought I wouldn’t actually like it because I had already found out that I disliked female tsunderes, generally, but I was wrong thanks to Toradora. This series does not have any intriguing premise even for a romantic comedy, the characters don’t actually come with much baggage, and it really plays the characters off against each other just for laughs. However, I found the characters the strength of the story as they were well developed. It was here where I also first discovered my bias for underdog female characters. Dramatic at the right moments, Toradora portrayed a cast of characters experiencing emotional struggles in finding out their feelings, in a light-hearted way which is never afraid to take the plunge into the heart-wrenching during the second cour of the series.

We have Ryuuji, the perfect husband material – knowing how to cook, to sew bra pads for Taiga (that was one epic scene that has left such an indelible impression in my mind, two years and many anime on). Though he is far from good-looking, and possibly designed precisely to emphasise that, he is one of the few male MCs in a romcom where, as a girl, I can understand how and why the girls are so in love with him. This surely does not happen often. Taiga, though irritating and loud-mouthed to some, conceals her vulnerability behind a katana stick and a bitchy-resting face. I suspect that the only reason I am able to tolerate her is her small stature which I personally identify with, and also because she really did try very hard to be selfless, which touched me. Minori on the other hand, was great as a ‘weird’ girl whose thoughts jump seemingly randomly from one thing to another but who is always dreamy in her own way. And yet, her sensitivity to others’ feelings reaches unexpected depths as the series progresses. The rest of the characters (Ami and Kitamura) also have their own character faults which were explored thoroughly and resolved.

I never expected I would write so much about this, but there you go; it isn’t one of the most top rated romantic comedies for nothing!

#19 Psycho-Pass

Type: TV series

Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Police, Psychological

Episodic Count: 22

Year: 2012-13

More information at:

I usually jump into dark, sci-fi series with a cynical attitude. More often than not, the world building is done well but very rarely do I identify with such a series so much that it still remains outstanding to me after many, and till now. The premise is an interesting one that actually lives up to its potential under the masterful hand of Gen Urobochi, renowned and well known as ‘Urobutcher’, and rightly so. The concept of the criminal tendency factor explored here in crime enforcement throws up many questions on how appropriate it is a factor to measure one’s inclinations to give in to the deeper recesses on one’s mind, whether it is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the morality of using technology, statistics and the mathematics of probability to label and pigeonhole people and subsequently being determinative of the type of action taken against them by authorities. All these are very interesting and the story is developed in a way with explores this thoroughly.

However, what really makes this series shine is presence of character development. Shinya Kogami is a very cool protagonist on his own, and his principles when presented as polar opposite (or maybe just a mere flipside of the same coin) to his stark nemesis Shogo Makishima, carving him into the back of my mind as an individual who makes choices that aren’t too conventional. Then we have Akane, the female protagonist through whom we see events unfold. She also undergoes tremendous character development, as she goes from a doe-eyed greenhorn, easily unhinged in when caught unawares, to someone who is able to draw from her inner strength, find out which principles she sticks by, and stand unwavering in the face of the enemy. Makishima’s worldview is extremely interesting as a villain and I feel that inspiration may have been drawn from Light Yagami, but that may be just me.

Fans of the psychological genres will be missing out on a more modern gem if you haven’t seen this!

#18. Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199

Type: OVA

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Space, Military

Episodic count: 26

Year: 2012-13

More information at:

A rare gem that hasn’t been discovered by most, I accidentally stumbled across this when I was browsing through one of those Anichart lists. Having always been intrigued by the space genre as part of an extension of my love for mecha series, I was determined to try this once I saw the art, which looked good enough, and its relatively high score on MAL. In fact, this was also made into a live action movie starring Takuya Kimura, which actually means something since he is most likely one of the most renowned veteran actors in the Japanese domestic drama industry.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato tells the story of a space adventure set in a futuristic world where Earth is predictably running out of resources and is doomed to be extinct in a year’s time as its environment becomes increasingly inhabitable due to meteor attacks by aliens. Hope comes in the form of a message received from a planet, Iskandar, who offers them a solution. Hence, the Space Battleship Yamato is dispatched to travel 148,000 light years to reach Iskandar and bring whatever help they offer back to Earth.

The tone of this series probably bears more similarity to a movie like Interstellar rather than an anime series. Serious, gripping and slightly thoughtful, the story covers the adventure of the spaceship and its crew on board in all its glory. There is close to no fanservice and no sudden superpowers descending upon the protagonists to pull them out of a tough situation. All this series relies on is good old battle tactics, by the true hero of the series, Captain Okita, who happens to be an old man in his 70s unlike the genius young boys we are always used to seeing. *cough*#throwback #AZ*cough*

The strength in this series definitely lies in its world-building. People who love adventure and are not adverse to watching a space opera would love this as much as I did. Though fret not, romance fans, there is romance in this series and its probably the reason why its on #18 and not in the #20s, and nope, its not about the old guy. :>

#17 Hachimitsu no Clover (both seasons)

Type: TV Series

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance

Episodic Count: 24 + 12

Year: 2005 & 2006

More information at:

Not everybody will appreciate this series. What I mean by this is actually that even people who love watching anime about school life, romance and friendship may not find it in themselves to appreciate this series, especially if you care too much about pairings or ships. Because this really isn’t your typical school romance.

In fact, I consider this a cross between a josei, shounen and shoujo. The group-of-friends premise has probably in fact been overused to the point that it is no longer novel nor remotely interesting at first glance. It will suffice to say that this anime precedes the entire string of such anime, since it is made at a time when anime was – possibly – in midst of a lull period.

This anime is more than the romance, even if it may touch on it substantially almost every episode. It is a tale of a group of friends meeting each other, growing up, realising what they want to do, and eventually – this shouldn’t be a spoiler – going their separate ways. In the process, they learn to live and let live, have tremendous amounts of fun, love and pursue love, break their own hearts, try again and again, find themselves, face the effort versus talent conundrum. In fact, it essentially sums up college life. Those who have faced bitterness in these days will probably find something close to heart here.

Needless to say, the characters are memorable as individuals and a collective group. Even throughout the trials and tribulations of their college life (love triangles, pentagons, of which I am generally a great fan of here), what actually saddened me the most was their parting. It kind of reminds me of good friends having to leave their school life behind to continue on in life …. and I am not even done with school yet. I am 22 and yet my soul feels like its already 40 at times.

#16 Nagi No Asukara

Type: TV series

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Episodic Count: 26

Year: 2013-14

More information at:

It will always remain an enigma as to why this series has managed to squeezed itself into the top 20 and stay there. Almost similarly to Honey & Clover, this also starts with the premise of a group of (childhood) friends. However, this series is more heavily focused on romance than anything else, as the potential romantic entanglements are heavily hinted and pretty much laid out at the end of the first episode. And if that isn’t confusing enough, there were also more to come as the series progressed.

I admit, though, there isn’t much very deep about this series at first glance except to say that it is extremely enjoyable for fans of drama and romance. Even so, it is astounding that a bunch of kids can actually be so mature about the way they handle their feelings and relationships and even more so than plenty of other high-school romantic series. What makes this series stand out is also the way it throws plot twists in your face in this shockingly exhilarating way which leaves you regretting about not thinking further into that nagging feeling of premonition that you have sensed for the past few episodes. And then the series leads into such depths that you wouldn’t have seen coming if you thought it was just another show. Depressing depths, I can promise you. I literally marathoned episode after episode praying that things can end well because it gets really bleak. I however, really adored the way the romance ended, for every single character. Its the best resolution I have seen for any love pentagon, ever.

Another point of note is the beautiful and absolutely gorgeous scenery and animation, which is very characteristic of P.A. Works. It makes me want to go live in that town. Maybe as a vacation home. Or a retirement home (no idea why I am planning so far in the future, but yeah.)

Annnnnd that’s all for now (: Have you watched these series? If not, are you likely to watch it now or in the near future after being (hopefully) convinced? :> Feel free to leave a like or comment on anything I have mentioned, and thank you for reading!

*All images in this post belong to their respective owners and do not belong to me.*

36 thoughts on “My List of Top Anime of All Time: #20 – #16

  1. I have only seen Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 pop up from time to time, but it is only a picture or something small about it being mentioned. I never really heard anyone talk about it before. The series sounds interesting. Maybe I will check it out, but not sure, who knows. When I have free time maybe I will check out the first few episodes then.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I hadn’t even heard of Nagi no Asukara and Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 before this, but now they are in my ever-growing PTW list. Thank you!
    I also loved Toradora, it made me want to watch more romance anime. By the way, have you watched Golden Time? It is by the same author, so it my interest you.
    Again, a wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! Glad that through this post I have at least given new recs to somebody hehe 😀
      Toradora was really good even though I think I don’t normally enjoy those genres. Oh I did try an episode of Golden Time, but I guessed I wasn’t too fond of the female main character so I didn’t continue. Is it worth watching though? (:
      Yay thank you 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • In my opinion, it is. It is set in a university, which is a new change of pace from the usual high school. Koko (the main female character) begins as an incredibly dislikeable character, but it becomes easy to relate to her as the story progresses. The supporting cast is incredibly funny. It does have a bad side however, its strange supernatural twist that feels out of place. I think that you would enjoy it, given a few more episodes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm since you say that she becomes more likable as it progresses.. Plus this was also recommended by many, it seems that it still has potential. Okay I’ll consider trying it! Maybe soon because I happen to also be in the mood these few weeks for college romances haha 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nagi No Asukara I NEED TO WATCH IT AHHHH !!! I have been dying to !!
    Honey and clover you made some good points as this series by people has not been shed light on but I do have mixed feelings about the show, I have seen all of it but wasn’t one of my most favorite watches but I loved the unique art style about it though ^^.
    Physco pass another show I wanted to watch too 😉
    Toradora I have seen the first five episodes of a long time ago but I remember falling asleep because I was so tired I’ll have to revisit this one 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES YOU NEED TO!!!! I have a strong feeling you will really love it!
      Haha I know that, I remember reading somewhere or maybe its one of your posts that the show didn’t really sit well with you! But yep I liked the colours the used – very light and pastel 😀
      Yep you should watch psycho pass and toradora!! Esp toradora since its almost classic and you are a romance fan so you must at least try it hehe 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Heyy! Omg I finally found time to explore other blogs haha xD ooh I didn’t know you had a top anime series of posts, can’t wait to see what’s your top 5!!!

    Hmmm actually I don’t have many Summer 2015 anime that I plan to watch so I think I could take up Psycho Pass haha. I’ve always wanted to watch it cause it seemed really dark and cool? I absolutely love psychological anime so yeah it’s kind of been on my to-watch list for a long time haha

    YESSS OMG NAGI NO ASUKARA!!! “depressing” “bleak” omg you’re really spot on, those are like key words that literally described the whole anime. THE SECOND OPENING WAS JUST SO HEARTWRENCHING. but I guess that made the reunion so much more happier. I’ve not watched much anime, but NagiAsu is one of my all time favourites ❤ I think it's probably because of how absorbed I was? the atmosphere, animation, music, it just sort of pulled me into their world so as to speak haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yeah psycho pass should be a good choice for you cos you like psychological stuff 😀
      OMG YES I LOVE NAGIASU TOO! AND YES THAT SECOND OP omg i kept listening to it long after i finished the series cos too much feelssssss >< Yes good taste! P.A. Works and their stunning ability to create so damn beautiful backgrounds, scenery, and animation are always the best!! You should try the other stuff that it produced as well aha most of them are good!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Most of them” *cough GLASSLIP cough* just jk haha xD oh but despite the lousy plot, glasslip had breathtaking scenery though

        Hmm tbh i rarely consider the studio but i really like PA Works art style so I might just look their anime up haha see first ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • HAHA yeahhh i did say ‘most of them’ right xD i didn’t know you tried glasslip though lmao, i stopped at ep 2 for that! i did consider watching more just for the scenery but well ……
        haha yeah i don’t consider studios too but well i noticed P.A. Works had that kind of record for the art style which is quite consistent at least haha ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • well to be totally honest with you, I REALLY LIKED THE LAST EPISODE! it was like my favourite episode of all time!! Because I was so happy the anime finally ended ^^ haha okay I felt like dropping it, but the characters were decent eyecandy and I guess I had time to waste then HAHAHA

        i just checked them up and I realised they also have a record of doing SoL anime haha xD which isn’t really my thing. Like I just watched Charlotte PV and it felt so underwhelming. It was sad but just meh okay I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

      • HAHA LOL that kind of happens to me all the time too. Like I am just putting myself through the torture just so I can complete the anime, then be so happy at the last episode that i end up deluding myself into thinking that the series is overall not too bad HAHA. Time to waste is also an important factor hmmmm.
        Its true they have such a record though! But I think the next best should be Angel Beats, did you try that? Its very far from SoL stuff haha. Though I would say, isn’t Nagi no Asukara kind of SoL too? xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • hmm Nagi no Asukara had an actual plot with depth, about the freezing ice, and ship festival thing, I guess? I extremely enjoyed BARAKAMON TOO ❤ but I don't like shows with plain old daily happenings? like oreimo, inou-battle, nisekoi, they just don't have the pull factor for me.

        HAHA OKAY ERM JUST READ AN ANGEL BEATS REVIEW and it was hilarious as heck. erm I've heard a lot of good things on Angel Beats!, a lot of bad things as well haha so im quite ambivalent towards it. Do you personally recommend it?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha yeah that’s true, sometimes all the feels overwhelm me that i actually forget about the real plot behind it all xD oooh i see you like Barakamon? Interesting, but i think that is a slightly more inspirational SoL than stuff like oreimo LOL oreimo was just too much otaku-ish stuff for me. i mean i am an otaku but i am not like that level of obssessed to find it interesting. (LOL like i don’t even really go to conventions even if we have so many in sg like actually today there was one but i didn’t really bother oops)
        LOL actually angel beats is really damn funny and damn sad as well. Well i really personally recommend it haha, cos i think it has the right amount of feels and i don’t think its too boring either. give it a try its only say 13 eps haha but i really liked it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeahh Barakamon was a really uplifting show, I really enjoyed the sweet atmosphere it gave off. Haha is it Cosplay Festival or smth? I heard my cousins talking abt it. I think there wasn’t much merchandise there, instead I heard there was sumo WRESTLING!?! haha I don’t even. AFA is the only anime convention I go to, the rest I don’t really hear much about them

        Oooh really? I think I’ll try it then! xD but maybe not so soon, prob after my common tests this July.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha yeah it was called Char Expo, and actually held at Expo LOL but i didnt go down even when it was quite convenient for me too. YEAH HAHA apparently there was some wrestling thingy but oh wells. Yeah i think the only one i would ever consider is AFA, but each time it clashes with my exams so ><
        Haha oh right jc common tests are still in july huh. I think i was studying quite hard in june in those days hahaha /nostalgia.

        Liked by 1 person

      • THATS SO SAD D: well AFA is really cool and all but i guess it’s not like THE ultimate anime haven? Idk how you feel but i think as much as it would suck missing out on such an impt event for otakus, it would be much more worth it to get a good job and then have a long trip to Japan HAHA hope you dont feel too sad 😦 maybe next year or until your exams have finished?

        Haha wow i see you’re quite studious 😉 i have been revising these few weeks but i still have quite a bit to study HAHA i know i should be more hardworking but… I have no excuses haha 😅 idk i find that everything aside from academics, like blogging, anime, volunteering, has so much more actual learning points that I demean my studies. I know studies ((and your grade)) are like super impt, esp in Sg, but idk… the course I’m interested in for uni does not require straight A’s anyway but i feel rly bad for having this lackadaisical attitude toooo SIGH senpai do you have any thoughts abt this HAHA just asking only ><


      • Haha yeah i actually get what you mean. I rather spend the money on flying to Japan and say, going to Akihabara or something so that its the -real- thing haha. Yep but then again i don’t like going to these things alone either, unless i just go for the concerts haha see how xD
        Haha yeah i was quite studious back then, but really at the expense of alot of things so its perfectly fine to live the way you are now i.e. not studying too much HAHA. I get what you mean, studying esp for A levels is too rigid and it demarcates what you are supposed to learn when you could have a better learning experience not being spoonfed. Haha what course are you interested for uni? If really don’t need good grades then i think the time is better spent on other more meaningful things haha i think its something i regret, not being able to strike that balance well enough! Esp when now uni is apparently getting easier to get in haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oops sry i might have been a little insensitive. I think being hardworking is a very respectful trait? Because it shows how disciplined you are, or how much you care for your future. I find other activities much more enriching, but i guess its still quite bad of me to deem studying as useless. i’ll do my best so that I dont regret any poor grades? But as you said, i’ll definitely still find time for my own activities haha ^^ it’s hard to have the best of both worlds but i guess everything in life is an endeavour haha ((unfortunately in Sg, it’s twice the endeavour haha))

        I’m currently interested in Philosophy haha to be more specific, the different ways of evaluation ppl make when making a decision? Utilitarialism, consequentialism, haha idk i just found it rly interesting! Considering psychology or material science also, see how. Then perhaps a minor in social work if i have time lol. It’s all still a big question mark haha yeah i think they’re increasing admission for local uni-s

        Omg shyt thanks ah for listening and enlightening me on academic studies, shucks and you’re like so busy somemore.


      • Haha of course hardworking is a very valued trait, and so is discipline. After all, its what helps to get you to a certain level of prowess, or even up the social ladder. Of course we never look at the results (i don’t think i have ever done well if i just focus purely on the results), its all about conscience hehe 😀 Haha exactly, the thing about sg is that its twice the effort lol, unfair but -shrugs- too bad unfortunately.
        Oooooh I see, Philosophy is an extremely interesting subject. As is psychology. I am thinking of these areas as possible choices for Masters (though that won’t actually happen till a far far far future) cos they are very interesting academic areas that i would like to apply my mind too HAHA
        Nahhhhh no worries, as i said i only reply cos i like to reply LOL that’s what online convo is for right! Otherwise idk what i am doing blogging and engaging the community deliberately some more hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha words of wisdom from shiroyuki-senpai x)

        What are Masters btw? Like are they the next stage after Uni? Haha yup they are really interesting subjects bc both are to do with our minds and how we think haha

        Haha that’s reassuring ^^ I had some curt replies the other day from some bloggers and I realised that my comments may have been quite lengthy idk

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hehehe yepp *feels proud* :p Masters are like after bachelors (which is what we do in uni)
        Haha as you should know by now, my replies can be equally long HAHA cos i don’t mind talking about basically anything xD But i get what you mean cos it happens to me too, most ppl just reply shortly to my very long comment >< its quite hard to find people who like to read long comments and reply long comments (and the same goes for posts) so well we are a pretty rare breed HAHA


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