Happy 1st Birthday!

It was my blog’s first birthday somewhere in December. Apparently I was partying so hard in Tokyo that I totally missed it, and now I can’t even find the notification anymore to screencap it. So a banner will have to do.

Happy 1st Birthday, thelimitlessimagination!

Also, some stats to celebrate:

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HELLO EVERYBUDDY!! I have finally reached 50 followers!!!! *pulls the party poppers* Time for a celebration!! ^^

Actually this was more of a mandatory milestone post and I would say numbers don’t matter too much to me and its a small number compared to some of yours heheh but its more of quality conversations I love HAHA. However, most importantly, I would still really like to thank all of you existing followers because without you, there would never been this post and I wouldn’t have come so far!!! Even though I am not sure how many people are actually phantom followers, but thank you for following me all the same ❤

thank you minions

A special shoutout goes to the people who have been showing massive support for me all this while, in no order of merit: LitaKino, Otakurui, justanotheranimefan, Takuto, renxkyoko, josefcd904, Lovely, lehzalee, Keatle, The Otaku Judge, CheesyJ, somethingaboutlynlyn THANK YOU for playing a part in making my WordPress journey so amazing amd for taking time to read and comment on my posts, it really helped me and gave me a lot of motivation to write. For those whom I have not mentioned and are reading this, I realised I’d have to stop naming people at some point HAHA otherwise I would end up having this long list of names. xD But in any case, my love for all followers and frequent readers knows no bounds :p



I would say that I never expected to find such a supportive community here. Previously I had the conception that blogging was a very lonely activity even if I was talking about something I loved. But I am glad that here I have found people who are actually interested in what I have to say, and in turn, I am spurred to write more and in a better way. My previous blog in blogger shriveled and died simply because it came to a point where it became hard to sustain the continual interest in writing because of the lack of feedback I needed. I really hope that this blog won’t end up in that kind of situation xD

In any case, I really hope we continue to have more interesting conversations and I look forward to more interactions in the future! 🙂 (I think this is probably my shortest post ever oops xP)

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