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HELLO EVERYBUDDY!! I have finally reached 50 followers!!!! *pulls the party poppers* Time for a celebration!! ^^

Actually this was more of a mandatory milestone post and I would say numbers don’t matter too much to me and its a small number compared to some of yours heheh but its more of quality conversations I love HAHA. However, most importantly, I would still really like to thank all of you existing followers because without you, there would never been this post and I wouldn’t have come so far!!! Even though I am not sure how many people are actually phantom followers, but thank you for following me all the same ❤

thank you minions

A special shoutout goes to the people who have been showing massive support for me all this while, in no order of merit: LitaKino, Otakurui, justanotheranimefan, Takuto, renxkyoko, josefcd904, Lovely, lehzalee, Keatle, The Otaku Judge, CheesyJ, somethingaboutlynlyn THANK YOU for playing a part in making my WordPress journey so amazing amd for taking time to read and comment on my posts, it really helped me and gave me a lot of motivation to write. For those whom I have not mentioned and are reading this, I realised I’d have to stop naming people at some point HAHA otherwise I would end up having this long list of names. xD But in any case, my love for all followers and frequent readers knows no bounds :p



I would say that I never expected to find such a supportive community here. Previously I had the conception that blogging was a very lonely activity even if I was talking about something I loved. But I am glad that here I have found people who are actually interested in what I have to say, and in turn, I am spurred to write more and in a better way. My previous blog in blogger shriveled and died simply because it came to a point where it became hard to sustain the continual interest in writing because of the lack of feedback I needed. I really hope that this blog won’t end up in that kind of situation xD

In any case, I really hope we continue to have more interesting conversations and I look forward to more interactions in the future! 🙂 (I think this is probably my shortest post ever oops xP)

*All images and gifs in this post do not belong to me and are the property of their respective owners on Tumblr*

20 thoughts on “50 followers!!!!!!!

  1. AWWWWW THANKEW SO MUCH SHIROYUNI <333 Hmm so your previous blog died because of a lack of attention huh. Pray you, the Divine Holy God Lehzalee, shall grace your blog with his beloved presence and spam your feed with notifications until you will miss your previous blog 😉 hahaha i'm not really good with these kind of mushy words, but you mean a lot to me as well and I'm really grateful that someone in this world ((who is also living really near to me)) actually pays attention to what I have to say. Hmm I shall leave all these words for my own "followers thanksgiving" post in the future XD but yes I really look forward to all the interactions we will ((hopefully)) continue to have haha :DDDD

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    • HEHEH YOU’RE WELCOME 😀 LOL you just self-elevated your status of a mere human to a divine one hmmmmmm but you’know gods must keep their promises HAHA so you’re bound by your word xD Actually sameee I really appreciate you alot too its hard to find people who actually want to know what i think and read what i write especially in a society like ours where people .. don’t actually value online presence a lot. Haha yeppp I look forward to future conversations with you as well 😀

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      • HAHA SHUCKS I just did myself in, didnt i? XD hmm we dont value online presence? I’m not sure abt this at all but I see a lot of young adults and teenagers having online accounts on social media nowadays? Maybe still havent reach the point where online identities are significant in Sg? But its slowly becoming big, that’s what I think haha for now though, yeahh i think we still spent quite a lot of time in real life, esp sch work and outings

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      • Haha yes, social media definitely like Facebook, Twitter etc. but i feel there’s a lot of pretense in those? Like a popularity contest or just people trying to present the best sides of themselves. What I meant was another social identity that’s more distinct from a ‘real life’ identity like here where the focus is actually on finding people to bond with over a common interest and not caring where they are from. Like some ppl can’t grasp the concept of having ‘online friends’, when i tell them i sometimes use a more annoymous identity online they just look at me weird and go ‘huh? so fishy’ or just think you don’t have enough friends lol. That kind of thinking seems be more prevalent in sg haha

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      • Ohhh i get it, smth seperate frm real life. Now that you mentioned it, it feels so surreal! Bloggers like us can have all these friendly conversations without knowing anything abt each other in real life. Looks, intelligence, race, religion are all not relevant anymore and we just talk because we genuinely want to. That’s just SO COOL. Yes im very lag that I just realised this i know haha. That’s really true, yeah many of my friends also just interact with each other online, nothing different from themselves in real life. Only a few of them are in kpop/youtuber fandoms haha


      • Yep, here or online in general its really totally because you want to talk to people who actually understand what you are saying, and conversations only continue for pure reasons of communications (rather than say, friends of circumstances). HAHA yeah you quite lag xD i think even in fandoms its not that easy to make friends and carry on convos that transcend beyond the subject of the fandom haha. i actually think its easier to do that on a blog or on a subject matter that requires deeper thinking *ahem* not discriminating but yeah hahaha

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      • Hmm this is definitely a rare case but my friend befriended another girl in a Kpop fandom and they actually met in real life to attend a concert tgtr

        Haha though I agree with you, like its indeed much more diverse to talk to on blogs. I guess fandoms are dependent on what the idol does, but blog you can discuss abt any points raised in the post and go anywhere from there even haha

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      • Haha that’s really rare though, but actually it works because you have a possible bonding activity – attending concerts haha. I also think that even through blogging and blog-commenting its possible for the friendship to become a real life one 😀 haha yeah in a blog we could just ramble and go on from topic to topic, BUT of course it depends on whether the other person also wants to talk about things like that HAHA.

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  2. Oh wow, thank you for the shout out. To know that I have influence your blogging experience is an awesome thing! Keep writing! I’ll always keep reading! 😀

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