3 Times 4 Equals 12 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

Hello everybody! I present to you Day 2 of the Quote Challenge, which I was nominated by the four lovely bloggers – Lyn, Matthew, RoccoB and Kurosama238 🙂

Today’s quote comes from an anime that tops the charts for being one of the most inspiring anime to boot – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

“When you’re scared, it’s all the more reason to move forward!”

Kittan, Ep 25, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TV Series)

TTGL is mainly known either for the glorious and legendary Kamina-sama and his transcendental ability to inspire all of his followers in time memorial, or the main character Simon, who has been inspired by Kamina as a child and proceeded to be one of the biggest badasses in history. However, there is often very little about Kittan, who was also inspired by Kamina and experienced so much character growth and development; and is hands down my favourite character in the series.

TTGL is the only show that can inspire me to tears and I highly recommend it to especially any guy who hasn’t watched it!

Anyway, back to the quote.  This quote is one that I repeatedly tell myself when I have to confront yet another presentation which I have to sound confident when I have none of it, or just trying to unfreeze my brain when someone extremely smart points out loopholes in my argument in front of the entire class. Or one of those times where there was no time to prepare for a presentation and then I just force myself in front of the class and while I am speaking my brain is going “@#$^#&@*$^#%&@ ERROR ERROR ERROR”. Or every single time I step into a new environment alone where a bunch of people have already formed their cliques or they have friends with them.

(I seem to have a whole bunch of fears oops.)

The fear I experience on a daily basis comes from how constantly I think that I am in a class filled with the most intelligent beings possible; and that I am possibly the slowest and least intelligent in class. >.<

This quote helps because its one of the only ways to make me tackle things head-on despite that fear. Speaking of which, I have quite a few of those things lined up. Gahhhh!

That’s all for today, じゃまた!

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