Joining UnimeTV & The Mega Life/Writing Update

I actually don’t like writing about myself. I do write a lot about what I feel towards writing and blogging in general throughout 1.5 years of the limitless imagination, but I rarely talk about anything other than what is acutely related to this virtual space and the ani-manga community surrounding it. That’s really because I don’t like to bring anything that is not remotely relevant to the focus of this blog, which had unknowingly become established over time to – anime commentaries, essays, and just lots of posts about having no writing inspiration.

But I figured its probably time to write about one, mostly because I have been in the community for so long and yet I think, people don’t actually know me much. They know only what I write and what I choose to put on here, but I rarely communicate with people about anything outside the context of this blog.

But at this point in time, there are really a few things about my life that I think my readers need to know. I actually thought of skipping out this post because I am so pressed for time at this current point, but I realised there was one less deadline I had to meet and hence I ended up writing this.

Sorry for the wall of text as usual people. Read what you deem important.

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Anime: My Beginning & My Present

Throughout the one year and close to three months of the blogging community, I have come to realise that I have never provided much context to my opinions on anime, and what anime means to me. I thought they were too unimportant and uninteresting.

That is, until I read numerous such posts from other bloggers, and I realised how my different my experience is with anime as compared to others. Most importantly, I realised that providing the context of my experience is to certain opinions I write is quite relevant, especially when my preferences may border on being ‘different’ from most of my counterparts.

I won’t proclaim to deliver the most entertaining of stories below, but I believe that there is something in this post that would be of interest to any reader.

How it all began

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3 Times 4 Equals 12 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

Hello everybody! I present to you Day 2 of the Quote Challenge, which I was nominated by the four lovely bloggers – Lyn, Matthew, RoccoB and Kurosama238 🙂

Today’s quote comes from an anime that tops the charts for being one of the most inspiring anime to boot – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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3 Times 4 Equals 12 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

A while ago I self-nominated myself for this challenge on SomethingaboutLynlyn’s post in my occasional display of thick skin.

Little did I know that after that, nominations for this challenge started to roll in, namely from Matthew and RoccoB, and most recently, kurosama238.

Well, life always works out as planned.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank the four of them for granting me with an opportunity to do this challenge, since if I wasn’t nominated I would scarcely force myself to end up doing one.

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