3 Times 4 Equals 12 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

A while ago I self-nominated myself for this challenge on SomethingaboutLynlyn’s post in my occasional display of thick skin.

Little did I know that after that, nominations for this challenge started to roll in, namely from Matthew and RoccoB, and most recently, kurosama238.

Well, life always works out as planned.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank the four of them for granting me with an opportunity to do this challenge, since if I wasn’t nominated I would scarcely force myself to end up doing one.


Post one quotation a day for three days twelve days which can be non-consecutive(they can be from other sources or one of your own).

Nominate 3 some other bloggers to participate per post  at the end.

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

(I changed the rules because that’s the only way to fit stuff into my schedule. Also, the number of people to tag … I figured that I’ll just do everything at the end so its easier and I can keep track of who to tag. Apologies for that ><)

The first day of this challenge also marks the start of the inaugural blog challenge on this blog. Yay! *curtsies to an invisible audience*

My all-time favourite happens to be this one from Robert Frost:

Too many times we think that its the end of the world when an obstacle comes into our path or when we are stressed out about work and school. Many of my friends are victims of such a mindset when they are experiencing particularly busy weeks with clashing deadlines and they are so stressed out of their mind that they have resorted to snapping at people during that particular time period.

Meanwhile, I try to throw this quote at them, while trying to soothe my own anxieties which happen to be the downside of hanging out with people who are perpetually in the throes of negativity.

Of course, this quote should not be applicable to all contexts, especially the way I misuse it when I find an extremely addictive anime before my final exams.

Because life works out exactly as planned and I find good anime when I have the busiest schedules.


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