Anime Moments In Real Life: A Personal Story (Part 1)

Beware. Long personal story ahead that is divided into three posts.

Everybody would most likely have experienced an anime moment play out in real life. It may be more common in those whose lives thus far have been filled with friendship drama, love triangle, or even if it’s just a simple romance. Anime and manga, mediums which encapsulate relatable moments, thought processes and emotions, sometimes aim to reflect the more realistic aspects of life, even if some of that is done in a comedic manner. However, in between realism and anime clichés that are unique to these Japanese forms of entertainment, most anime fans would have subconsciously gained enough knowledge to experience the eureka moment at least once, for example ‘ah, that was a classic high school romcom moment’, or ‘omg, that’s what always happens in shoujo’ as we go about our lives.

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