My List of Top Anime of All Time: #5 – #1

The day has finally come to do my last Top Anime post. I am both excited and yet sad that my series is over – but seriously, I shouldn’t have taken so long to write this entire series of posts, especially when my Top Anime has remained unchanged for so long. I am still looking for new anime that has potential to squeeze itself into my top 10, but to be honest, such gems are getting more rare. There seems to be a diminishing marginal utility of some sort as I watch more anime because each series that I deem ‘good’ then never gets past the ultimate question of: ‘So, what makes this different from all the rest of the ‘good’ series?’ So, unless that series manages to distinguish itself from the rest, which gets increasingly harder as I get exposed to a larger variety of concepts that less things seem to pleasantly surprise me.

Having said that, I believe what has remained my Top 5 do have very good reasons for being there. And also since this is the Top 5, I will be elaborating on more of my feelings in experience, which may give a clue to why they are Top 5 instead of say, in the Top 20s or 30s.


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