15 Anime OPs/EDs that make me cry

Note: This post is actually meant to be of therapeutic effect for me, because I am currently rewatching Diamond no Ace and suffering through angst, frustration, sadness and accentuated anxiety problems that have been seething underneath in the first place. But in any case, this idea came from my bouts of screaming, crying and cursing in watching said anime above. Since I have also never written about anime music, I figured there isn’t a better way to do it than this.

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My List of Top Anime of All Time: #5 – #1

The day has finally come to do my last Top Anime post. I am both excited and yet sad that my series is over – but seriously, I shouldn’t have taken so long to write this entire series of posts, especially when my Top Anime has remained unchanged for so long. I am still looking for new anime that has potential to squeeze itself into my top 10, but to be honest, such gems are getting more rare. There seems to be a diminishing marginal utility of some sort as I watch more anime because each series that I deem ‘good’ then never gets past the ultimate question of: ‘So, what makes this different from all the rest of the ‘good’ series?’ So, unless that series manages to distinguish itself from the rest, which gets increasingly harder as I get exposed to a larger variety of concepts that less things seem to pleasantly surprise me.

Having said that, I believe what has remained my Top 5 do have very good reasons for being there. And also since this is the Top 5, I will be elaborating on more of my feelings in experience, which may give a clue to why they are Top 5 instead of say, in the Top 20s or 30s.


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