2015 In Review: Shiroyuni’s Award Picks (Genres & Production)

2015in reviewShiroyuni's Award Picks

Welcome to a multi-part series of all the anime in the 2015 lineup that I have watched! In this series, I pen my thoughts of a range of 2015 anime on a comparative basis, and give them certain ‘titles’ and/or ‘awards’ that I feel that they deserve.

To be honest, I never thought I would be able to finish watching all the notable series in year 2015 in just a little more than a month, but I did it! *whew* Do bear in mind that this is my first time consolidating and writing something like this, so I would appreciate any the support that’s given! šŸ˜€

Before we start, just a few pieces of background information and disclaimers:

  1. This series will be contain minor spoilers. Definitely not enough to affect your enjoyment of the show if you haven’t seen it šŸ˜‰
  2. This list takes into accountĀ all series that END in 2015. Thus, thisĀ includes certain Fall 2014 anime that have aired for more than one cour, andĀ excludes Fall 2015 which have not finished airing as of 31 December 2015.
  3. Out of the 196 known anime series (including shorts) that have aired in 2015, I have only completedĀ 37 of them . AllĀ of them areĀ titles that should be familiar if you have been following somewhat about what has been airing throughout the year.
  4. Unfortunately, there are series I wanted to include in this list but wasn’t able to complete in time, including, amongst others, titles likeĀ The Perfect Insider, Gakkou Gurashi, K: Return of Kings, The Seven Deadly Sins, Log Horizon (Season 2), Nisekoi (Season 2), My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Season 2)
  5. There are also DNF titles which may or may not be mentioned somewhere throughout this series.
  6. Please note thatĀ this series contains some of my personal opinions.Ā Certain awards/titles are evaluated more objectively (Best AnimationĀ for example) while some are definitelyĀ looked at in a more subjective manner (Most Personally RelatableĀ for example). I do try to substantiateĀ ALL my opinions however. šŸ™‚
  7. I PUT A LOT OF WORK IN THIS SO PLEASE ENJOY *wide grin* no seriously, I did. Throughout the process I also did realise that deliberately confining yourself to certain choices of anime just because you need to finish them within a certain timeĀ canĀ make anime-watching a chore at times. Nevertheless, Ā it was fun writing all these šŸ˜€

Without further ado, let’s proceed! Today’s segment mainly deals with the orthodox titles relating toĀ genres orĀ production. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

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