Shiroyuni is on Twitter!

Yes, Shiroyuni has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon because she needs another social media account to waste more time on.

Anyways, first follow goes to @miyukiobsessed a.k.a. Crimson‘s blog twitter because its just the easiest one to remember for now *wink wink*.

As for the rest of you, I have no idea how to find your Twitter info except for stalking Crimson for now or clicking on Twitter’s suggestions. I mean I could also scroll through each and every one of your blogs but I haven’t found the time yet.

So it means that EITHER I add you guys slowly …

OR you guys could add me first  – @shiroyunime 


That’s all for now. Thinking of making an account too maybe … but meh. One at a time 😀

Announcement to Readers: New Blogging Schedule

Hello my fellow active readers/followers/deep-sea lurking readers! I have an announcement to make (yeah I know, its pretty rare) so keep your eyes peeled!

After much consideration, I have decided on a blogging schedule & angle that gives me enough flexibility to accommodate my busy periods and yet be able to provide long term readers with the requisite content.

I admit I haven’t been following any strict schedule so far but I reckoned that its time to be a little more responsible in my posting 🙂

So here goes nothing:

  1. I will be posting in two time slots: the Weekend Slot and the optional Weekday posts
  2. I will be writing at least one post related to anime per week, which I will post on weekends (i.e. the Weekend slot)
  3. This post can be anything from reviews, commentaries to anime/manga analysis, essays, top series etc. but it WILL be anime/manga-related.
  4. Meanwhile on weekdays, I may be tackling award nomination posts, non-anime related challenges, and personal and non anime/manga posts.
  5. However, there are times when I will post more than one anime/manga-related post per week
  6. If I happen to be extremely busy that week, I will at least put up an announcement on the Weekend Slot saying that I won’t be posting that week, and giving any form of update if I can.

*silently hopes she will be able to keep to this schedule*

TL;DR I will certainly post anime/manga related stuff on weekends, (or if not, at least an announcement of my non-posting) so do look out for that!

This week’s post was posted on Saturday, so indulge me by clicking on that link if you haven’t. <:

That’s all for today (wow shortest post ever!) and thanks for reading~