Happy 1st Birthday!

It was my blog’s first birthday somewhere in December. Apparently I was partying so hard in Tokyo that I totally missed it, and now I can’t even find the notification anymore to screencap it. So a banner will have to do.

Happy 1st Birthday, thelimitlessimagination!

Also, some stats to celebrate:

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The Less Known Manifestations of Strength in Rokka no Yuusha & One Punch Man

If there is anything that can be argued to exist in all entertainment, that would be the concept of strength. Viewers and creators alike are so enamoured with this notion of power that it is given all sorts of twists. A cornerstone of the action genre is multiple battles of strength between protagonists and antagonists, and these occupy the climaxes of the story. Strength here is usually portrayed as a pure manifestation of physical strength of good triumphs over evil.

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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’s Life Lessons #1.2

Screenshot 2015-12-07 14.10.48

“Animals naturally form packs.
Carnivores form social hierarchies within their packs. Those that fail to become alphas harbor the burden of failure until they die. I’m sure the herbivores feel guilt as they sacrifice their comrades to evade their predators and live on.”

Hikigaya Hachiman, Episode 2

The social hierarchy is a curious thing. It represents a natural form of order whenever a cluster of individuals is brought together to govern and live in the same place. It is certainly not confined to the teenage age group, though it is more prevalent and holds more invisible authority over those more emotionally susceptible to concepts like conformance, the ‘norm’, and the ability to ‘fit in’. Even as we grow beyond childish, unjustifiable social alliances then that bedeviled our teenage existence, and we laugh, adulthood brings certain realities and societal expectations that are merely a macro-effect of what we experience in school. Except that it looms over us like a dark cloud we try desperately to ignore as we go about doing ‘adult’ things like finding a job, trying not to get scolded by your boss and paying your bills. We feel strangled as a prior life of undulations as we knew it, be it grey or rose-tinted, evens out into a monotonous never-ending straight line. Even if we know that we can be our own person – which were the cornerstones of concerns during our younger years – we are restricted by duties and responsibilities.

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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’s Life Lessons #1.1

Greetings people! Welcome to a series of posts that is based off the anime known as Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, also known as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. SNAFU offers a rich, realistic, and thought provoking social commentary into school life which many identify with including me. Hence, I thought that it would be apt to share the many life lessons that one can reap just from a single episode of SNAFU, and my personal thoughts on these. Minor spoilers ahead!

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Updates & Personal Reflections

To all the people here on the WordPress community, I sincerely apologise for not being on here for what it actually seems ages to me. (I am sure that to some on here, a few months of absence isn’t that long, but o’well) I have been living a relatively busy school-term semester, but I admit I wasn’t actually so busy as to completely have absolutely no time to blog about anything. I am still watching anime and manga and playing games as per normal, so I really can’t say that I don’t have free time at all.

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Kemono no Souja Erin: Evocative, heart-warming, and my brief salvation in the anime desert

The edge of the world looks like a vast landscape with no end in sight. Mountains in the distance line up on the parameters of my vision but between me and them there lie hundreds of miles of parched ground, with visible cracks starting to appear on the surface. The occasional gust of wind picks up sand and it blows into my face and eyes. My throbbing pain in my throat has subsided into a dull ache that barely registers, and I feel a sense of desolateness as I stare across the endless plains of sand dune undulations. I begin to dry heave as a ragged cough tears its ways through my windpipe, and I kneel down on the hot ground, waiting for it to pass.

That is how I have always imagined the anime desert to look like. And it certainly feels like it now.

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My Inaugural Japanese High School Festival Experience & Event Coverage

Today marks my inaugural high school festival experience, which has necessitated me breaking blog convention and dedicating a post exclusively to it, amidst the twiggly sparks and random bursts of excitement as I settle down to wind down after a long day. In other words ….


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Love Triangles in Drama and Romance: The Manipulative Girl

Love triangles are an integral part of the romance and drama genre. Any anime or manga would inevitably involve the choice of more than one contending love interest for the protagonist(s). A smooth tactic to add tension and added interest for the purposes of plot development, it ideally exists to induce conflicted feelings in the audience which are inevitably divided into camps and ships according to their preferences. Some love triangles which are not well done fail to move the viewer at all, and we as the audience could scarcely care less about who the protagonist ends up choosing. However, there are a few that manage to tear the audience apart, which are arguably a product of good characterisation and character development, and which serve not merely as a means to an end.

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Death Parade: Moral Ambiguity and the Judgment Analogy

Given the multifarious excellent reviews on Death Parade and me being late to the reviewing season, I have decided that I will not add another generic-sounding review of Death Parade of mine (though no doubt in good praise) to the aniblogging mix. I apologise for my tardiness to the party, but instead of just another review, I hope to add a little something of my own to the blogosphere by drawing an analogy from the themes in Death Parade. For clarification’s sake, this essay is spoiler-free (as with all my pieces, at least to the best of my ability and knowledge.)

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Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu: An Effective Habinger of the Environmental Conservatism Message

Societal responsibility’s integration with media has always been a less than seamless process. Most attempts at value activism has only been able to reach a target audience that already echo its views. However, incidences of reaching out to a potentially wider audience who are not conscious, vehement supporters of such views are few and far between. This is even more unheard of in the realms of fictional media.

Kiseijuu, however, is a rare exception that has managed to deliver an engrossing, addictive story together with meaningful, ponderous questions on identity and human nature. Scoring high on both the entertainment factor and depth of thought, Kiseijuu is a gleaming gem in the dust of most post-2006 anime.

Perhaps it is not entirely surprising, given the shining track record of its production studio, Madhouse, and the quality of its source material, a manga authored by Iwaaki Hitoshi at the dawn of the 90s’ era. Even so, the effort put in transforming source material to make it relevant and remain enticing to the crowd known for a reduced attention span, immediate access to a whole host of novel ideas at the click of a mouse is surely no easy feat.

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