Liebster Nomination by TwiceAlive

I was nominated by TwiceAlive for the Liebster Award on 29 July 2015 in this post right here. Once again, I apologise for my lateness, but as you can see, I am trying to finally repay all of your kindness over the past year and continuing.

Liebster Award

And because its TwiceAlive, I expect to enter the realm of dreams, hopes and wildly imaginative questions with this post that require probably a lot of my creative juices. So here we go!

Are you a Ninja, or a Samurai?

I prefer to play pranks on people and move at a speed that can’t be captured by the naked eye like freaking Izaya Orihara so Ninja it is!

If you could bend any of the elements, which would it be?

I think I lack the creativity to answer this question. LOL. Can I bend light instead? ‘cuz you could do lots with it. Like trick people. Ehehehe.

What are the two largest factors that attract you to a show/movie?

I assume ‘attract’ means first impressions. If so, plot is one, cast is another. I use different standards for anime however.

What is the highest number of books you have read within a months time? 

Hmm, I have never really counted this. My attention span with one type of activity is a little short (except when it comes to anime) so I can’t say read too many books consecutively, or watch too many movies consecutively. So, probably two or three at the most. I have too many interests lol.

If you’ve ever gone on an anime marathon, how long was it? 

If marathon means not doing anything other than watch anime, eat, bathe, and sleep, I have never done it then.

Do you like wasabi? 

It’s too much for me. I choke on it.

What is your favorite genre anime? Novel/manga? 

I would say sports or mecha at the moment, but even I know that’s not exactly true. As for manga, I currently only read shoujo, but even then I am not reading a lot.

Would you rather have a pet dragon, or pilot a mecha? 

Given that one of my favourite genres in mecha, DUH PILOTING IS THE WAY TO GO! I can’t wait to check out my asteroid avoiding skillz.

What character trope annoys you the most? What character trope do you admire the most?

Now this is an interesting one. Currently, I think I still dislike female tsunderes. Thankfully, they seem to have decreased in recent years … *crosses fingers* I generally admire mentally and emotionally strong characters. I don’t think that’s a trope though.

Your a super OP secret agent, what is your code-name and where is your hideout?

My code-name is Random and my hideout is my school.  They say the most dangerous places are the safest places … *wink wink*

I’ve asked this before and Ill ask it again cause its just that important: Almond butter or peanut butter?

I have never tried almond butter but I have a very strong feeling I’ll like it more than peanut butter. Cuz almonds are better than peanuts.

11 Facts: I’ll go with the theme of Likes/Favourites today. Let’s see what I can come up with:

  1. With the exception of anime/manga, my favourite fiction lies generally in Chinese web novels.
  2. My favourite fictional genre is generally ‘time-travelling reverse harem historical female protagonist’.
  3. I like to read my current affairs, global affairs, commentaries, op-eds and non-fiction in English.
  4. My current favourite global publication is the Economist.
  5. I like playing indie JRPGs because they are cheaper. I complete more of them than otome games.
  6. My current favourite Japanese music groups are Kalafina, ONE OK ROCK, and SPYAIR.
  7. My favourite American TV series at the moment is Game of Thrones, seeing that its the only one I am up to date with.
  8. My favourite classical orchestral piece is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, thanks to Nodame Cantabile. 
  9. My favourite classical composer is Beethoven.
  10. I like collecting otome games even though I never really play them.
  11. My favourite country in this world is Japan, and it has been for the past 13 years or so.

That whizzed past in no time! Once again, thank you TwiceAlive for nominating me for this which I greatly appreciate. And also, if you happen to click on that pingback and read this, here’s a personal message to you: please write more! xD

That’s all, thank you for reading, and feel free to like or comment! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Liebster Nomination by TwiceAlive

  1. I’ve literally only just started listening to One OK Rock and have found I really like them. I think, before, I thought that they sounded much like other Western bands and really I was looking for something like Spyair but now I’m listening to them properly, I love them ^^ What’s your favourite song? 😀

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