Happy 1st Birthday!

It was my blog’s first birthday somewhere in December. Apparently I was partying so hard in Tokyo that I totally missed it, and now I can’t even find the notification anymore to screencap it. So a banner will have to do.

Happy 1st Birthday, thelimitlessimagination!

Also, some stats to celebrate:

Hall of Fame_Blog

These stats were taken today, so they may be a little more than what they were on the actual birthday. But my point is, thank you to all my followers, subscribers, readers, visitors and blog-stalkers! Thanks for contributing to the numbers!

… I kid. Seriously, I probably would have given up on blogging way early if not for the support of all of you guys. So thank you for liking, reading and commenting. Especially for the long, genuine commenters, you guys know who you are! :p You all are the ones that keep me going and motivated, and has enabled my blog to reach one year in existence. Words cannot express my gratitude properly so pictures will have to do.

Every birthday deserves a self-reflection, so I am going to do one now, even if it has been less than a month since the last one. The thing is, throughout the entire year, I have had an exceedingly bad habit about spending too much time on thinking and not actually doing. I read posts, think of ideas for my own posts, feeling good about it, and then not actually going around to doing it. Perhaps it has something to do with priorities, or the fact that once I start on one single idea, I end up expanding on that idea so much I eat up all my free time and can’t get to the other ideas I have. The result? Lengthy posts, but few posts in general.

Perhaps I am also afraid of spending too much time on my blog. Every single minute I spend writing I wonder – to what end? I am not going to be a writer. Or a journalist for that matter. What significance are my thoughts anyway? I yearn to analyse anime, explore their thematic connections or evaluate its effectiveness as a medium. But I don’t have the academic foundation to do it. I am not currently taking a major where its study inevitably broadens or enhances knowledge – like history, political science, government, or psychology. I took History for only two years when I was 13-14, and at that level we all know we don’t learn much. Same for Literature, and the only prose I have ever studied in my life is To Kill a Mockingbird. I have never experienced any creative writing classes, and I don’t know how to write a proper narrative. Call it a not very smart choice, but I chose to take science-heavy subjects, only to realise I was failing Physics once I took it and I had absolute zero interest in Biology. Even as I strive for intellectual quality in my posts and in commenting on others, I will inevitably hit a ceiling when it comes to certain niche areas of knowledge that some blog authors that I personally admire use as bases for analysis. Unlike them, I don’t have my niche area of knowledge to offer, and there’s no time to start building even general knowledge up now. All I have to work with currently are some questionable common sense, presence of some logic & reason and passion for the entertainment mediums I love.

(On a sidenote, you guys can try guessing what my current major / undergraduate degree is. Hmm, I have actually no idea how obvious this is. All I can say is that it’ll probably be more obvious if you’ve been paying attention to what I write, lol. Of course, for the extremely few people who already know – assuming you still read this blog – don’t spoil the fun! xD) 

But as I write this post, I decided that I should stop thinking and start writing. Thinking about quality of content and intellectualism will only stop me from setting my pen to paper (or my fingers to the keyboard, for that matter.) Blogging should be a fun endeavour and personal project, though it’s not very fun when you spend not-so-insignificant amounts of time on it and you can’t put it on your CV (especially since it’s an anime blog). Or even if I am the ultra-practical realist, where I always end up prioritising watching anime or TV in general instead of writing, because I am tired and my brain cells are used up for the day, week, month, whatever.

I remember that my mission, as it has always been, is to leave my thoughts on the Internet like a legacy so that they won’t go to waste. Writing means I am contributing – no matter whether a new perspective or just merely something to give others to think about. And that is really enough, for a person who is just leaving her random musings on the Internet for her future generations to dig up.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to like, take up the guessing challenge, or comment! xD 

42 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, to your blog. A year mark is always good to be at since it means unlike some you stuck through the hard times. It is always nice to read your posts so here is hopefully to another year. Good luck to whatever the future may bring.

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  2. Happy Birthday! Well, I think a blog is a nice stress reliever and also something fun to enjoy 🙂 At first I wondered whether I was wasting my time on it, but I realized I wasn’t. If I think about it, my blogging life actually became something productive for me. I know how to self-promote on social media and online, I engage with other writers and bloggers for collaborations, and I also improve my writing skills. So for me, blogging is a good thing.

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  3. Happy birthday to your blog! I understand your concerns and ask the same questions myself. I am almost never satisfied with what I write because if it’s too short I don’t feel like I’ve said something worthy but for the post to be long and academic, I need to pour in a lot of time and effort but like you said, there are other priorities in life. If I were to comment on your style, I think it’s nice to read something in between; not too academic, not overly personalized and daily ranting/fangirling. Your tone is sincere and easy to follow. What you, yourself want to achieve in terms of style, of course, is more important but I just wanted to share my opinion. : ) I think of blogging as a medium where it serves the purpose of connecting me to others and create a space where I can exchange opinions. What would be a waste is actually a contribution like yours is gone missing.

    Without even trying to hide my jealousy towards you partying in Tokyo, happy new year and take care. Drink responsibly (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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    • Thank you so much for putting in the effort to tell me what my style seems like, I have an entirely different opinion about it myself xD Its all about that sort of balance that we all find it hard to strike – between online lives and real lives, it seems more ‘right’ to choose the latter. Thank you for the kind words, your long comments are possibly spoiling my expectations towards comments and raising them :3
      Hehe, well it was a good 7 day escape! 😀 Happy new year to you and the same advice applies to you as well 😀

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      • Haha, hopefully I didn’t sound too nosy or full of myself. : ) I agree, of course, real live is more important. I think there will come a period where I can devote my time and energy to my specific hobbies (be it a week later or two years later) and I don’t want to half-ass these things so waiting is sometimes the best option. I am obviously a chatterbox, what others do might be the normal thing hahah but yeah, you can expect me to go on and on.

        Glad to hear that you had fun, time spent in Tokyo makes one want more, am I right? : D

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      • Nope, I am glad to know what you think! Same, I dislike half-heartedness a lot xD
        Exactly! I have been having withdrawal symptoms for half a month already! So much so that I am en route to planning another trip :p


  4. Happy b-day to your blog xDD. Most peeps who start blogging, don’t last more than 6 mths – as Joe stated above, the initial hard part is more or less passed for your self and blog. Once you start writing, you get a groove going and it becomes a habit to the point of where it is the norm for you to just start writing. That is the essential thing; have fun blogging.

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  5. Happy blog anniversary. I can certainly relate to your thoughts. I spend more time thinking about what to write than actually posting content. Blogging isn’t easy!

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  6. Congrats on reaching the first year! I really, really love reading your posts, even if they are not very frequent. Quality over quantity, right? One of the first rules of blogging?
    Even, I’m a procrastinator when it comes to writing posts. It takes a lot of time and I do wish I could do it on my phone. 🙂
    Congrats again and enjoy!

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  7. WAH! Happy birthday to your blog!!! I’ll be bringing out da cake any minute now, hehehe~~
    I understand the dilemma you are struggling against. I as well do not have any proper schooling nor background for blogging . . . In fact, I’m probably here just to speak with everyone and not just sit on the side . . . All I can do is work with what I’ve got, every time I post, and hope that this repetition and reading the works of others will be enough to allow me to slide by and look like I know what I’m doing. That’s why the haul posts are fun ^.^ Blogging takes freakin’ skill, man! I take back any jokes I made about blogs prior to my own experience!
    Congrats on your success, as them be good digits 🙂 I love talking to you! But as to your education . . . .Im gonna crap shoot this and suggest something in the health field, or perhaps a lawyer??

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    • Hehehe thanks Takuto! Especially for bringing the cake out – I am holding you to your promise! xD
      You know what, from always seeing you pop up almost everywhere in the blogosphere, I am extra convinced that talking & joining in the fun is one of your primary goals and perhaps your most favorite thing to do xD Having said that, I definitely agree with you on this, its like we’re doing/writing, and learning on the way! 😀
      Thank you very much! I love talking to you too, and I am now regretting a little I didn’t do shoutouts especially to you before the year ended, and before I knew it, poof! 2015 is gone, and 2016 is here xD

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  8. Happy birthday dear Shiro !!! I will always enjoy your blog and agree with what you write start writing instead of thinking if your content is good enough. You just do it that’s all you have to do haha lol Can’t wait for more anime chat and talks with you 🙂

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    • Hehe thank you Lita!! Haha yeah it sounds stupid that I knew that all this time, but I didn’t realise I really have to ‘do’ it xD But I am certainly taking that advice now 😀


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