Infinity Dreams Award by Words & Rhythm and the Reviewers’ Corner

Infinity Dreams Award

Its time for another award post! I know I haven’t been the fastest at doing posts like these, but that certainly does not reduce the amount of gratitude and appreciation to those who have nominated me for this blog awards. This time I would like to thank Lovely from Words & Rhythm as well as Joe from The Reviewers’ Corner, both my seniors in the blogging community here on WordPress given the time they have been on here and the voluminous amounts of posts they have already written, compared to what I have currently 😀 What these two bloggers have in common is that they blog on a variety of topics and there is a vast amount of content available on their blogs, so do check their blogs out! 🙂

Truth be told, I really pushed doing this nomination back as long as I should, simply because of the nature of what I am supposed to write in this post: my dreams.

I don’t really consider myself to have any dreams.

The statement above is a little ironic given that having dreams and working for it is possibly one of the core life lessons that anime and manga strive to bring across all the time, and in every genre possible (with the exception of the psychological and the dark, of course.)

One problem is, however, that ‘dreams’ inevitably connote a goal with the lifespan of a bubble. A dream also undeniably means a scenario or a story that starts when your head hits the pillow at night and ends when your alarm blasts through your reverie, signalling the start of a new day. Years may have passed in your story then, but in actuality it has only been about 7 to 8 hours.

Another problem is that given my inherent way of thinking i.e. to lockdown on any thoughts that stray beyond a foreseeable future, I have tried in vain to come up with anything that constitute dreams for the purpose of answering this award.

Hence, I am going to bend the rules a little and write about 7 goals  instead:

1. Improve my writing skills

To be more specific, I want to be able to write about any topic under the sun. It can be a review that is interest-based which I am already doing on this blog, or it can be a commentary on current or social affairs that is written like an op-ed, or any college-level topic which can be done without prior knowledge but with research (except for anything science-related, I am terrible at that). Relatedly, I also want to be able to whip up content and arguments in a short time given any general topic simply by relying on general knowledge and memory – kind of like in exam conditions, but with the aid of Google. Of course, this goal also includes being better able to bring my points across, write clearly and concisely, and coming up with more interesting perspectives.

2. To be able to play Swordland (from SAO’s OST) and This Game (No Game No Life’s OP song) at Animenz Piano Sheets’ level

Animenz Piano Sheets is a Youtuber and performer who focuses on transcribing for the piano various anime songs, and his pieces are amongst the hardest – screw that, the hardest – to play on the piano. Yet, the sense of accomplishment of being able to play them is enormous. Check out his channel and his piano sheets (especially the ones I stated above) and you will know what I mean.

This isn’t impossible for my level but it does require lots of practice and time. I don’t even practice much often nowadays as I have moved on from a music-focused life to a studying-focused life, and as for time, I never have enough of it. (If I have it, I would spend it on anime and manga :p) Still, the satisfaction of playing Swordland at that speed…. aaahhhh.

3. To be able to master The Poker Face

Currently, according to my friends, everything shows on my face too much – fear, anxiety, stress, the Death Glare, the Black Face, excitement, happiness etc. Not saying its definitely not good to express my emotions so openly, but it would help if it doesn’t always happen in most inappropriate situations.

4. To improve critical thinking skills

Or actually, to become smarter. I have my limitations where I stand and I often never think in a sufficiently holistic or well-rounded way that is sufficient. I have tunnel vision too much of the time. -sigh- to put it in the easiest way, I just ain’t smart enough. Maybe I should eat more fish? It apparently helps to develop cognitive functions.

5. To have friends from all over the globe, maintain those friendships, and visit them eventually

Well, that includes friends from this blogging community, because its also currently the easiest way to make friends from other countries. *big hint over here :D* This would seem quite impossible since it actually doesn’t depend on me alone, it would take many people to make this work. Plus, visiting also includes travelling, and that also ticks off one of my goals of exploring more parts of the world and learning new things about different cultures.

6. To be able to be satisfied, content and happy with what I have, but to still be fully motivated to strive for more

I admit this is a rather tricky balance, since its very easy for most people to be stuck on the two extreme ends of the spectrum. For to be able to count your blessings and be happy with the present also means you would be less inclined to strive and reach out for more, further and higher goals in life. Of course for the other end, you could worry yourself to death or be never happy with what you have, which constitutes an immediate failure in the game of life. I am still trying to strike this balance and I am sure there are people who are doing the same as well 🙂

7. To be positive such that people would be happy around me

I am not saying that I am not positive, but I believe I haven’t actually reached that level of prowess *kowtows* Some people already have this characteristic that they probably don’t have to think twice to acquire, and I admit I have always been pretty envious of that ability. Positivism makes  the world goes round, right? (Pretty sure the real saying isn’t this, but whatever)

Time for the nominees! Now that I have recently acquired many new blogs to follow, I eagerly and excitedly bestow this award to the awesome bloggers at:

Ka-Chan Anime Reviews




Marvelously Mismatched

Otaku Orbit

The Anime Madhouse

Coffee Hipster


Because I believe you can only do this award nomination post once unless you can produce 7 more dreams every time you do this, I have tried to nominate those that (I think) either haven’t been nominated for this award or have been nominated but have not embarked on their nomination post :p To the blogs I have nominated: list 7 DREAMS, not goals, unless you think the same way as me xD

That’s all, and thanks for reading! Feel free to comment on anything 🙂

13 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award by Words & Rhythm and the Reviewers’ Corner

  1. Aww..Shiroyuni or should I say Claire? 😀 haha.. Hi! I love this post.. After a long time, you’ve blog about the award.. haha!

    I didn’t know that you would consider me your senior (senpai) in the blogging community. (>..<
    Same here with having friends around the globe. I want to maintain my friendships too esp. my friends here in wordpress.. ❤ haha!If I have a chance to travel in Singapore, I'll definitely want to meet you..! 😀 Yey!

    I enjoyed reading this post. You're goals are great. I hope you can achieve it all in the future! 😀 love lots!!! <3~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I am sorry that I took so long to get around to blogging about it! I have a set quota of posts per week because of life, so this post got delayed in the end ><
      Hehe yep I consider you my sempai because you have been blogging longer than me and you have been encouraging me along the way as well 🙂
      Definitely! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t know that you consider me your senior (senpai) in the blogging community. (>..<

    *something went wrong in the comment first comments seems to be not complete. sorry… anyway, nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

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